Founded in 1979 by retired Tasmanian librarian and historian Dan Sprod, primarily to pursue his long-standing interest in the history of Australian land exploration, Blubber Head Press soon became known as Tasmania’s finest private press. Between 1979 and 1992, a series of eight fine limited editions presented primary source accounts from the expeditions of Dr John Lhotsky, Hume & Hovell, George Cayley, Edmund Kennedy, Thomas Mitchell, and Ludwig Leichhardt. Concurrently, a number of other titles in various formats dealing with aspects of the history of Tasmania were produced, perhaps most notably in the field of Tasmanian Aboriginal studies. Some of these publications were also fine limited editions, and two were awarded industry prizes. Dan's son Michael joined Blubber Head in 1987, when the pair also established Astrolabe Booksellers. Thirty-three titles were produced between 1979 and 2009, but for various reasons, including the (second) retirement of Dan, and his death in 2018, Blubber Head has been inactive – until now that is, as a new title will appear in October 2020.


To Serve in a Distant Land : Bishop Francis Russell Nixon and Anna Maria Nixon, the Tasmanian Years 1843–1863. By Keith Adkins.


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